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Healthcare Banking

We focus on your banking needs so you can focus on your patients.

We understand the challenges of the healthcare industry, and that healthcare professionals have specific needs related to their practice. That’s why Citizens Bank offers tailored solutions to help you manage all of your financial needs. Our Healthcare Specialists can advise you on a range of financial matters from streamlining day-to-day cash management to fueling future growth.

Questions? Contact us.
Questions? Contact us.

Solutions For Your Practice

Solutions For You

Solutions For Your Employees

Solutions For Your Practice

Build the foundation for a successful practice with financial tools tailored to your needs. Our healthcare solutions include financing options, deposit accounts, credit cards, treasury solutions and merchant services.

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Solutions For You

You've worked hard to get where you are. Our financial services for healthcare professionals are designed to reward that effort with education refinance savings, mortgage benefits, and more.

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Solutions For Your Employees

To attract and retain the best talent, you need a strong benefits package. Support employees' success with first-rate financial tools, retirement solutions, and savings accounts.

View options for your employees

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