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Citizens Bank Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Providing personalized advice after getting to know you. Bringing tailored answers to your banking, planning, investment management and trust and estate planning needs.

Questions? Ask a Citizen.
Questions? Ask a Citizen.

Goals Based Planning Approach Focused on Outcomes

We look at your whole picture, prioritize what matters most to you and bring structure and focus to help you accomplish your goals.

Large Enough to Matter. Small Enough to Care.

With the depth and breadth of resources of the nation’s 12th largest bank, delivered by your local team of experts.

Personalized Advice and Comprehensive Strategies for You

Your financial life can be complex, we bring tailored strategies that include banking, investment management and trust and estate planning.

Citizens Wealth Solutions

Clarfeld | Citizens Private Wealth™

Clarfeld Citizens Private Wealth&trade;

Our full suite of personalized services and solutions includes family office, investment management, financial planning and tax and estate planning.

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Premier Advisory

Premier Advisory

The Premier Advisory Program provides advice from a team built around you for clients with $500,000 - $3 million in investable assets.

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Investing for you

Investing for you

Our broad investment offerings and services can help address your education, retirement, business or insurance goals.

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SpeciFi Save & Grow™

SpeciFi Save and Grow&trade;

Ready to accelerate your growth? SpeciFi Save & Grow allows you to earn more on your cash while investing for the future — all in a single account.

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Ways to work with an advisor

We are here for you every day — especially in these challenging times. So now you can consult directly with a Wealth Advisor by video or phone, and get personalized advice without needing to leave your home.

Call 1-866-919-4520

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